Starting Insulin with Type 2 Diabetes

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You have been directed to this page because you are likely to start injecting insulin as part of your type 2 diabetes treatment.

Please use the information on this page to help your understanding and ensure your insulin journey is as safe as possible.


Driving and diabetes

It is your responsibility to inform the DVLA if you are taking or injecting certain diabetes medications. Group 1 and Group 2 licenses have different rules so it is important to check with the DVLA. You can be fined up to £1000 for not informing the DVLA about a medical condition that may affect your ability to drive.

You must inform the DVLA before you commence insulin treatment.

You will be provided with an information leaflet at your initial insulin initiation appointment.

You can use the link below to assess and report your condition online.

Diabetes and driving

More information is available here:

 Driving when you have diabetes

Insulin Initiation Checklist

You have been provided with leaflets or guidance for

  • Diabetes & driving
  • How to manage a hypoglycaemic episode
  • Managing your diabetes and insulin when you are unwell
  • Safe injection technique

You have collected the following from the pharmacy or surgery

  • Blood glucose meter
  • Blood glucose testing strips
  • Blood glucose lancets (single use)
  • Sharps disposal box 
  • Your insulin device(s) - either a box of pens or cartridges with a multi-use pen
  • Box of insulin needles 

Store the insulin in your fridge after collecting from the pharmacy.

You have been given an insulin alert card, with information about the type of insulin you take

You have access to rapid acting glucose to treat a hypoglycaemic (hypo) episode, this can include

  • five large jelly babies
  • five glucose or dextrose tablets
  • a small glass of a sugary (non-diet) drink
  • a small carton of pure fruit juice
  • two tubes of a glucose gel such as GlucoGel®

On the day of your insulin initiation appointment

Bring ONE pen or cartridge and multi use pen to the appointment with 1 or 2 insulin needles, leave the other pens in your fridge

  • Bring your blood glucose diary with you for review
  • Bring a friend or family member for support if you wish

Submit blood glucose readings

Submit blood glucose readings using the form here.

The form is for routine review of your glucose readings. For any urgent medical queries or concerns please contact us in the usual way.