Self Assessment of long term conditions

Here at Falkland Surgery we are trialling ways to make it easier for you to look after yourselves.  One way is to be able to report that your condition is well controlled, and thereby avoid an appointment and all the hassle that can carry, thereby freeing our appointments a little to make time for those who really need to see us.

Obviously if your condition is complex, unstable or a worry to you, we still want to see you to assess how to best help you.

Please use these forms before (and instead of) your review date to avoid having to come in.  We will look at your information and update your records and medication review date, if we can.

Tell us about whether you smoke or not here

Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

This is ideal for people with ‘simple hypertension’ without other major illness (e.g. diabetes or COPD) where the blood pressure is already well controlled.

We will need 3 recent blood pressure readings taken over several days.

This could be via your own machine, the surgery POD in reception, borrowing a home machine from reception or buying your own (we suggest Omron series £20-30)

Hypertension review page


This is ideal for people with ‘simple asthma’ without other major illness where the asthma is already well controlled.

Asthma review page


This is ideal for people with ‘simple hypothyroidism’ without other major illness (e.g. diabetes or COPD) where the hypothyroidism is already well controlled.

You may be required to come in for you Annual blood test if this hasn’t been performed in the last 9 months

Hypothyroidism review page

Please DO NOT submit these form if you don’t have the relevant condition, and please avoid submitting too regularly (as we will have to look at each entry as it is to primarily record “normal/good” control once a year)

If you are contemplating hip or knee replacement surgery, please consider visiting these pages prior to coming in to discuss any decisions

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