If you are asked to have a test these are somtimes carried out outside the surgery.

Types of Tests:

Blood tests:

These are performed at West Berks Community Hospital:-  from 8.00am if you need a Warfarin or Fasting blood test; and from 10am til 3pm for all other tests. This is a “walk in” service.

We also can book you for a blood test at the surgery if this is more convenient, but appointment slots are limited.



These are performed at West Berks Community Hospital between 9am and 3pm Monday to Friday, unless relating to injury or an emergency when you should attend the Minor Injury Unit there.



These are generally done in booked appointments at the surgery.

NB: Spirometry, 24hr BP tests, audiometry and other tests are often available from the surgery, please ask at reception.



Most blood tests and X-rays take five working days to get back to the surgery. Some special tests may take 2 – 3 weeks. If you ring up (preferably after 2pm, when the late post may have arrived) the receptionist can give the result to you or arrange an appointment to discuss the results according to the doctor’s request.


We will send an SMS message for results in simple anonymous format, to your registered mobile phone number. Please help us by keeping your registered number up to date – please let us know if it changes. The format will be “Your result is back and no action is needed” or “Your result is back, please contact the surgery”. No clinical details will be included.


All smear test results are notified to the patient by post regardless of the result directly from the smear service. These smear results take up to 6 weeks to return from the lab.


Tests ordered from a hospital clinic will return to the doctor who requested the test. Generally we will not be given results of these tests unless the hospital doctor writes to us with them. In general if you are having hospital tests you will get a follow up appointment there, or get a letter directly from the hospital.