Pregnancy Care


Patients with early pregnancy symptoms should attend their GP. They will be asked to make a ‘Booking In’ appointment by the Receptionists for 8-10 weeks with the midwife following their last menstrual period. They are asked to bring a urine sample.

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Our community midwives team are

Liz Williams  RBH Community Midwife  07768 752562
Jenny Preston NHH Community Midwife  –  07827 254852
Ria Jackson NHH Community Midwife  –  07827 255194





Ante-natal Schedule

You will usually be seen by a Midwife at the following weeks:


8-10 weeks ALL MW
11-13+6 weeks ALL HOSPITAL
15-16+6 weeks ALL MW
19-22 weeks ALL HOSPITAL
25 weeks 1ST BABY GP
28 weeks ALL MW
31 weeks ALL GP
34 weeks ALL MW
36 weeks ALL GP RBH Patients

MW NHH Patients

38 weeks ALL MW
40 weeks 1ST BABY MW
41 weeks ALL MW



At 41+ weeks patients are offered a vaginal examination to sweep the membranes. This may be enough to begin labour without the need to be induced. An appointment will be made to attend the Delivery Suite where you will have booked to have your baby 10 -12 days after due date.

Great Western Hospital
Marlborough Road
Wiltshire SN3 6BB

Antenatal Clinic      01793 604071
Antenatal Appointments    01793 604070
Delivery Suite 01793 604575
Ultrasound Department 01793 604822

North Hampshire Hospital
Aldermaston Road
RG24 9NA

Triage 01256 314790
Antenatal Clinic 01256 314720
Ultrasound 01256 314776
Switchboard 01256 473202

Royal Berkshire Hospital
London Road

Triage 0118 322 7303
Antenatal Clinic 0118 322 8059




We expect that by day 10 (discharge day) you should be well enough and are able to attend a postnatal clinic rather than needing further home visits.

Maternity Clinic at Newbury Hospital (WBCH)
(Based in the Children’s Clinic area of Newbury Community Hospital)
Monday – Sunday from 9.30am
Rookes Way, Thatcham RG18 3AS
Tel: 01635 273387 between 08.30am – 9.30am


Maternity Clinic at Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading
(Based in the Fertility Clinic Area of Maternity Unit, Level 2)
Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays 9.30am – 4.00pm
Royal Berkshire Hospital, London Road, Reading RG1 5AN
Tel: 0118 322 8059 between 8.30am – 9.30am

Useful Websites: – Patient Information Leaflets can be downloaded. – Information about options of procedures for births, breach, epidurals. – National Childbirth Trust Information – NHS pregnancy guide. – Downs Syndrome Association – detailed information about healthy eating and drinking– concerns about drinking – for vulnerable women