Over the counter prescriptions

In 2017, NHS England and NHS Clinical Commissioners carried out a public consultation on 37 minor, short term health concerns which have easily accessible over the counter products or self-care measures for their management. NHS England published final guidance for CCGs in March 2018 which listed 35 minor health conditions for which OTC medicines should no longer be routinely prescribed.

After considering the results of the consultation and guidance from NHS England, NHS Berkshire West CCG has agreed to adopt all of the national recommendations.

Items that are available over the counter will no longer be prescribed for the following conditions.

Items of limited clinical effectiveness


Vitamins and minerals

Self-Limiting Conditions

Acute Sore Throat

Cradle Cap (Seborrheic dermatitis – infants)

Infrequent cold sores of the lip



Infant Colic

Coughs and colds and nasal congestion

Mild Cystitis

Minor Conditions Suitable for Self-Care

Mild Irritant Dermatitis

Sun Protection


Mild to moderate hay fever/ Seasonal Rhinitis

Diarrhoea (Adults)

Minor burns and scalds

Dry Eyes/Sore Tired Eyes

Minor conditions associated with pain, discomfort and fever.

(e.g aches and sprains, headache, period pain, back pain)


Mouth ulcers

Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)

Nappy rash

Head Lice

Prevention of dental carries

Indigestion and Heartburn

Ringworm and Threadworms

Infrequent Constipation

Teething / Mild toothache

Infrequent Migraine

Sunburn due to excessive sun exposure

Insect bites and stings

Travel Sickness

Mild Acne

Warts and Verrucae