We are currently looking to reconfigure our workforce to manage the evolving nature of General Practice.

Falkland Surgery Mission, Strategy, Vision, and Plans

We are now recruiting for

(December 2016)

Pharmacist – to assist in acute prescription management as well as managing the changes to medication from secondary care encounters.  Appointed

Nurse Practitioner – to assist in acute on the day presentations of minor illness, potentially combined with Prescribing role.  We would anticipate some proportion of the job would also cover Chronic Disease Management.

(Jan 2017)

Musculo-skeletal Practitioner – to develop and run an acute assessment and triage service within the practice, advising and assessing patients and signposting them to formal physiotherapy and elsewhere.

Mental Health Worker – we would like to develop a model of care that enables acute presentations of Mental Health problems to be seen and assessed by a trained MH worker and signposted to appropriate services, be that GP, IAPT, CMHT, crisis care, or self care.

GP’s – We are looking to replace some of our GP sessions in Spring 2017.  Although currently employing a traditional partnership model we are most keen to find like minded GPs regardless of whether they want to work in partnership, salaried, sessional or locum models.  We do not have any building capital to “buy into” thereby relieving some of the financial stresses new partners commonly find themselves in.

Although we are aiming to recruit staff in a progressive, incremental fashion, we will consider early expressions of interest from the right candidates so please email our Practice Manager, Mark on

with your CV and details.








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