Fit Notes

From time to time our health/illness means we need to take time off work.  This page helps clarify the various scenarios.

What are fit notes


Q. I have a self limiting illness expected to last 7 days or less.

A. You should provide a self certificate for your employer yourself (no need to see a doctor)


Q. I am going in for an operation.

A. Make sure you get a certificate before you leave.  The hospital will be able to best judge how long you need to recover


Q.  I’ve broken a bone.

A.  The fracture clinic can give you a certificate.  They will be best placed to judge how long before you will be fit.


Q.  My son/daughter is at school

A. Fit notes are only for work/employment reasons.  Schools must accept parental letters, or write to us directly (with written permission) explaining why this is unacceptable.


Q.  I’ve already had one or more fit notes and need an extension

A.  You may not need to see the doctor face to face but they will need to establish why you need it before issuing an extension


Q.  I’ve had a fit note but wish to go back to work

A.  Generally you can return to work with the agreement of your employer without needing to be “signed back to work”


Q.  I feel I can work part time or with some adjustments for a while

A.  We can recommend adjustments, such as adjusted hours, staged return, workplace adjustments etc.  It is often helpful to have an informal discussion yourself with your employer to see what might work in practice before requesting this type of fit note.  Remember though we can only make recommendations


Q.  I have a fit note recommending an adjustment as above but my employer can’t accommodate this

A.  In this case the same fit note will act as a “full” off work type note without any amendment


Q. I have two (or more jobs)

A.  You do not need two fit notes.  You can give it to your main employer, and photocopy for your other employers.  We do not issue duplicates for this purpose