Diabetic clinics are held most weeks by our diabetic specialist nurses, together with our health care assistant. All diabetics are encouraged to attend annually for checkups. You will be called for the clinic by a member of the Surgery, each year.


You will have a review of your treatment and general health regarding your diabetes and podiatry check on your feet, and it is a time when any questions you or your family have can be answered. A blood test, and urine test is routinely asked for, ahead of the annual review and at other visits as needed. Please allow a few days for the results to come back to the surgery in time for the clinic appointment, so ensure you are able to make time for this appropriately.


In addition to our annual review we also like you to attend for a brief Diabetic Check with your own doctor in between times. You can then discuss other medical matters that link in with the diabetes. We suggest those diabetics on tablets should see their own doctor once between the annual review and those on Insulin once every three months. In general we look after the majority of the Diabetic Patients on our list ourselves. However some patients, including the young, those with unstable control, and those with special problems may also be referred to the hospital based Diabetic Clinic until such time as things are stable again.


You should anticipate getting your eyes tested yourself at the optician annually, and the mobile Eye Phtographic Screening Unit visits once a year as well (In general around Jan-Feb each year). Further information about Diabetes can be found at:

Diabetes UK

Berkshire Diabetes Website