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Surgery 24hr appointment cancellation line – 01635 279975

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Due to extremely high demand particularly during the Easter holiday period, combined with staff sick leave we have extended the “on the day” booking scheme through May.  This means we will always see anyone who needs to be seen on the day, but we won’t be booking appointments ahead of time.  If you ring up on the day you need to be seen we will fit you in, although if a particular doctor is not working that day you may have to ring back.  Please check out the days particular doctors work here so you can try and see your own doctor but during this busy time we can’t always guarantee this will be possible.

It would really help us if you feel that a problem can be dealt with by your pharmacist or health visitor you speak to them first or ring NHS 111 for advice about common things, which will mean we can concentrate on providing the best care we can for those who need us.

This leaflet wascreated by Health Visitors in West Berks for parents with young children to give advice on common issues you may encounter.  Click to download this useful leaflet in pdf format

West_Berkshire Childhood Advice leaflet


Dr Titcomb absent until May 2014

For personal reasons Dr Titcomb will be away from the surgery for approximately 3 months.  We anticipate her return in June 2014, date to be confirmed.

We would ask you bear with us during this time and be prepared to see alternative doctors during her absence.

GP Appointments



Please ring on the day for an appointment as needed and we will accommodate you,  rather than trying to “book ahead”

CCG News



Thursday 13 March, 2-5pm

Newbury Manor Hotel, London Road, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 2BY


We warmly invite you to come to the Newbury CCG Governing Body meeting in public,

to listen to their discussions and ask questions.

The agenda and papers will be available on the Newbury CCG website from 7 March at:

Governing Body Meetings

If you would like to attend, please let us know by 12pm on 12 March. This is also the deadline for submitting questions in advance for the Governing Body to consider.

Email – ppiteam.berkshire@nhs.net  Phone - 0118 982 2709

Official Publicity campaign for care.data

dataWe are told the official publicity campaign for care.data (central collection of data by the NHS Information Centre) will start on or around 23rd January in the south of England.  The BBC and other media are running stories about this currently but this is somewhat premature of the local campaign.

Each household will receive a leaflet on 23rd January 2014 giving details.  The BBC (at least) suggest ringing your GP, but the official advice is to ring the national support number 0300 456 3531 for the NHS IC as they are better placed to answer questions (and allow us to see the patients!)

More information is available under the Quality/Data Sharing heading

Edit 18/2/2014

The care.data program has been suspended for 6 months until autumn 2014 following a wide ranging campaign primarily aimed at the information provided for the program.  GPs, RCGP, GPC and privacy campaigners have raised concerns about the level of information provided by the NHS IC and therefore the program has been delayed by 6 months “to allow further discussion and publicity” to be conducted.  Although we feel there is significant benefit of the care.data program we welcome the opportunity for patients to be properly informed.

Christmas and New Year 2013

Christmas-GarlandAppointments and opening

We shall be closed for the holiday periods on 25th and 26th December for Christmas, and 1st January for the New Year, with skeleton staffing on the Eve afternoons until 6.30pm.  We have made all appointments through the Christmas week period “on the day” to accommodate the surge on demand caused by the restricted opening, and would ask that you avoid “routine” appointments during this time as much as possible.  When we are closed medical advice and treatment can be accessed via the NHS advice line on 111.


Please anticipate when your next prescription is due for collection and ask for the next one a little early, to avoid difficulties here and at the chemists when collecting them.

We hope you all have a very happy and peaceful (and healthy) Christmas.

Flu clinics, Fluenz and Shingles

immunisation-needle-bottleWe have now virtually finished our flu vaccination campaign, having given 3800 jabs in the last 6 weeks, so we hope not to see too much real flu this winter (it doesn’t stop ordinary coughs and colds which just need home remedies).

We have still got quite a few people under 18 who still haven’t had the Fluenz (nasal) immunisation against flu so we will be inviting those at risk to come in to further Fluenz clinics in the next week or two (December 2013).

We did very well with our shingles immunisations for people aged 70 or the catchup group aged 79, but unfortunately there was a supply problem centrally (the government/manufacturers ran out!) so we will pick this up again shortly to invite the remaining people in for this as soon as we have stock.  If you are 71-78 then we anticipate that you will be invited in sequentially over the next year or so, as national supplies rise, but we are dependent on government directives to allow us to do that.  We will inform you as it becomes available.

Pre Diabetes Screening Morning

On 23rd November 2013 we held a screening day for Pre Diabetes (people at risk of becoming diabetic.)  This involved a letter inviting people in for spot checks to see if they had diabetes.  A fantastic response meant we were able to screen over 60 people (half of those invited turned up) for diabetes and found 6 people at high risk or with new diagnoses of Diabetes Type 2.  Hopefully the others will take steps to change their lifestyle (weight, diet, exercise) and many have signed up for the Eat4Health program.

We did run into a small problem at the start of the session where we found the test kits required more time to warm up out of the fridge, but everyone seemed tolerant and good humoured, and helpfully warmed up their own test kits for us!  Apologies and thanks for sticking with us.

We have also written to a similar number of people inviting them to have a normal blood test in the next month to see if that is any more or less effective at screening.  Unfortunately a glitch has meant some people are getting 3 letters of invitation, for which we apologise, but you only need one blood test!

Pre Diabetes Website

Please update your contact details

old-fashioned-phoneIt is important that we hold the correct contact details in your records for any number of reasons.  The simplest way to do this is if you have access to the online booking and prescription facility linked from this website.  This will update the records automatically at the surgery.  Otherwise please think if you change your address phone or mobile to let us know at the surgery front desk where they can amend your records for you.

We have successfully trialled using SMS messages this year to contact people to let them know about the flu jab clinics.  We are also experimenting with informing you about blood tests (“your results are normal” or”please contact the surgery about your results”) though this is quite tricky.  We would like to extend these forms of communication over the following months and this requires up to date records.  Watch this space!  We are also looking to use email to notify you of practice events so let us know that as well.

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