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Surgery 24hr appointment cancellation line – 01635 279975

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Text Messaging

black cell phone on whiteWe are looking at ways of effectively communicating with our patients, one ways is via SMS text messages to mobile phones.  There have already been messages sent for flu jab prompts and appointment reminders and we intend to slowly expand this function.  We will always ensure the messages are non specific so wil not be sending out specific results or clinical details, but restrict the messages to “your appointment is tomorrow” or , don’t forget your flu jab” etc.  Our new facility includes options to cancel appointments by text which we hope will prove convenient and beneficial.

To make best use of this service, please check with reception that we have your best mobile contact number on your records, you can also check and update this via Emis Access online if you are registered.

Changes at Falkland Surgery

We are sad to announce the upcoming departure of two of our doctors, Dr Tim Peppiatt, and Dr Debbie Peter.  Tim will be leaving us in January 2015 to take up a position doing dermatology on a more full time basis, and Debbie is going of to work with BUPA to do medical examinations from November 2014. 

However the good news is that we welcome back to Falkland Surgery, Dr Alice Devall, after a maternity break.  Alice worked here as a long term locum, and is now returning as a 6 session partner and will be taking over Tim Peppiatts list directly.  We have two long term locums starting, both experienced GPs who will cover Debbies list of patients, Dr Cartledge, and Dr Johnstone until a permanent replacement is found. 

We are also employing extra medical staff to cover winter pressures, which we hope will help but appreciate your assistance in minimising un-necessary demand such as utilising the expert knowledge of your pharmacists, our nurses etc.

Falkland Surgery Bowling Night Out

Bowling 2014Staff from the surgery enjoyed a very happy night out, ten pin bowling in Thatcham tonight, with Sue Phillips coming out the clear winner.  We raised 100 pounds which will be donated to the Falkland Surgery nominated charities, the Falkland Patient Participation Group, and the Berkshire Air Ambulance

image1Our clinical software supplier has developed a new function to record and share your own data via an iPhone App.  Emis, in conjunction with Apple Healthkit have created an App than allows you to access our appointment system, order “repeat medication” and an increasing amount of detail about your health that we hold about you.

Now if you own an Apple iPhone running iOS8 you can add health data on your phone, and it will upload it to a secure server.  With your permission we can then see that same data from the surgery (we will ask every time) and import it into your medical records.

We think the is an exciting development and look forward to seeing or speaking with our first patients using this novel technology.  We think particularly diabetics, and people with high blood pressure will particularly benefit from this.

You need a recent iPhone (5 or 6) running iOS 8 to benefit, and download the PatientAccess App by Emis from the Appstore.  Register online if you haven’t already and then link it to the HealthKit contained in iOS8 and you should be good to go.

Press Release

Video demonstration

Now featured in The Times Tuesday 7th October 2014 Edition page 4

West Berkshire Connected Care

connectedFalkland Surgery is delighted to announce the roll-out of the first phase of Connected Care.  This starts with what you might already think happens but doesn’t!  As from the 22nd September 2014 doctors and nurses at the Out of Hours service Westcall will be able to see the main details of your GP Notes.  These will be visible “live” with all your medication, allergies, blood tests and coded data available to see.  It is very important to understand that they will always ask permission before viewing your GP notes, and you can always refuse at any point.  This means you retain complete control over who can see your notes.  The doctor or nurse will continue to give you their best care whether you agree or not.

Initially the option to allow your records to be seen will be available at Westcall, Newbury Minor Injuries Unit as well as the Walk-In Centre at Reading.  In time we expect to roll this out to other locations across west Berkshire, including into A&E and the wards at the Royal Berkshire Hospital and the Ambulance Service.

Items that will be visible include medication, values (such as blood test results, height weight and so on) allergies, and problem lists (such as heart attacks, diabetes, operations, as well as more minor records of infections and so on)

We think this is a major step forward in connecting up the services that provide care for you and will greatly improve the way we function as an extended team.

Your GP records will only be viewed if you give your permission each time you visit Westcall etc., and they can’t “write” into your records nor can they keep the records after they close your notes, so that your GP records remain secure.

Flu Clinics now available


We are pleased to announce our 2014 flu clinics are now open starting from 4th October when the jabs will arrive in bulk!  Please book as soon as you can to avoid the rush.

The target groups are those over 65yrs old, those of any age with chronic health conditions such as diabetes, CPOD, heart disease, asthma etc as well as carers.  We are happy to offer immunisation to anyone else so long as supplies allow, but hope you will understand it is most important to protect the most vulnerable.

We will be offering FLUENZ which is a nasal version to all children age 2-4yrs old, as well as those with health conditions age 5-17.  We will be writing to this group individually.  If you are under 17 and prefer the injection form, or if you have a pregnant or immuno-compromised household member, please let us know specifically.

Some Flu clinics will be available online

Update – The flu jabs are starting to arrive so book now.  We have sent text messages to those patients where we know a mobile number, but if you haven’t recieved a message, ring to book anyway!

Update – Fluenz, we are still waiting for the government supplier to release these (probably 24th Sept onwards), and will contact those under 18yr olds who are eligible  as soon as we have confirmed supplies.

Flu Update – be patient!

We are waiting for delivery of our Flu Jab supplies at the end of September.  Please do not call yet for appointments (as it blocks the line for normal appointments) but we will announce here as soon as the flu clinics become available.  Some will be bookable online.

New Practice Manager

We are delighted to announce that Mark Betkowski is joining us at Falkland Surgery as our new Practice Manager from the beginning of September 2014.  He has aready spent a couple of weeks here getting orientated so will be able to hit the ground running!  He is an experienced PM previously at a practice in Oxford so we look forward to benefitting from his experience and skills.

Appointment problems

We would like to keep you updated with respect to the appointment situation.  Despite our best efforts we have struggled to find replacement locums and medical staff over the coming months.  We are aware that this is reflecting a widespread crisis in General Practice and a general shortage of medical staff prepared to work in GP. 

Whilst we continue to want to see all our patients who need care, we are also facing a prolonged rise in demand for serious illness, and this is combined with sometimes demand for self-limiting minor illness consultations, and a national campaign to offload work from hospitals.

We can assure you we are all working as hard as we have ever done, and still struggling to do the best we can for you.

For the national context look at


Age 70 or 79 Shingles Jab

If you are aged either 70 or 79 you may be eligible for a free Shingles Jab if you haven’t yet had it.  Please phone the surgery to check.

If you are not of these ages then we are unable to provide the jab but we understand the jab will be extended to those aged 70 or 78-79 this autumn.  Eligibility is judged on your date of birth not strictly your age so ring and check.