Falkland Surgery is dedicated to providing the best possible care to our patients and community.

Currently we have eight partners, who work between 5-8 sessions. We have a wide variety of expertise within the practice with partners having well established interests in Palliative Care and Diabetes, Commissioning, Minor Surgery and Family Planning.


24 hour Appointment Cancellation Line: 01635 279975

Surgery Opening Times : Monday – Friday: 8am – 6.30pm – the surgery is closed on Bank Holidays and Public Holidays.

See GP Surgery Times

We are always keen to receive feedback on how we can continue to improve. Please take our Friends and Family Test Survey

Easter 2015

Falkland Surgery is open as normal EXCEPT FOR Good Friday and Easter Monday.  We will be running all our GP Appointments “on the day” to cope with expected demand between 30th March and 10th April (the weeks before and after Easter).  Please delay “routine” appointments away from the bank holiday pressure days if possible.

Do make sure you order your medication in time to avoid chemist closures.

Revised Appointment System

CalendarFollowing consultation with staff, GPs, nurses and most importantly patients, we have been looking at our system for providing appointments for you.  This is in conjunction with the Productive General Practice Program where we have taken time to assess all the factors involved (or as many as we can).

The basic challenges we are currently trying to address are

  • Improve the issues of the 8am telephone “rush-hour”
  • Reduce the times you are advised to ring back
  • Increase the chances of getting to see or speak to your preferred GP
  • Offer you appointments on a day more likely to fit your needs

To help us please be prepared to

  • Let the receptionist know a little of what is wrong so they can help provide the best we can offer
  • Unless it is a true emergency be prepared to be flexible
  • Consider waiting if possible to see your familiar doctor which usually makes for a better consultation
  • Ask if you think you need something like a blood test to be done before your appointment
  • Think ahead if it is a routine appointment

We are rolling out the new system as from 20th April 2015.

The details of the changes are here…

It is important to note that in itself this doesn’t increase the appointments we can offer.  The only way we can do that is to find more doctors and nurses, a process we are currently undertaking against a countrywide shortage.

Voluntary Sector Links

This is a useful web page giving a directory of local voluntary services

Empowering West Berkshire

Travelling and living Abroad

We are periodically asked about eligibility for NHS treatment when travelling aborad, when returning to the UK and how long you can get NHS Prescriptions etc.  This document summarises those regulations.



Friends in Need

Falkland Surgery and Newbury District CCG are pleased to promote Friends in Need for all our patients with loneliness and depression.  Friends in Need is a way for people affected by depression to meet online and in their local area. It’s free to join and a great way to share support.

Friends in Need

BBC News article

Today, BBC News ran a story about the crisis in GP Staffing and recruitment.   This is something we (and indirectly you) already know about.  We have plans to advertise and recruit a further partner this year, hoping to get someone in post late summer.  However this article does not make us hopeful…  We will keep you informed

Falkland Surgery PPG coffee morning

The PPG held a fantastic coffee morning at Newbury Town Hall today (Sat 28th Feb 2015) together with a fund raising tombola.  Tea, cakes and prizes were kindly donated by the members of the PPG and the virtual PPG.  I was amazed to find hardly a spare chair in the place when I dropped in at 11am.  Many thanks  (Tim Walter)














Training Practice Inspection

Please be aware we are being inspected by Oxford Deanery GP Training Scheme under which we work to train prospective GPs.  This will occur on 26th February 2015.  The “inspectors” will be other GPs and GP practice managers and will be looking at the practice itself and the team, with a focus on the training.  One of the GPs visiting may look at a few random sets of notes, to confidentially assess the quality of our records.  If you object to this please contact Mark Betkowski before the visit to register your objection.

9/3/2015  We had a very successful inspection and have just received the recommendations.  There were no adverse recommendations and lots of praise for the surgery and our team of which we are very proud.

Appointment system review

CalendarAfter a long time thinking about things we are now beginning to move forward with changes to the appointment system.

The first changes to be put in place, starting February 2015 include

  • Increasing medical staff available on Mondays
  • Changing appointments on Mondays to be only bookable on Mondays
  • Freeing up appointments midweek so they are available to book from Monday morning.

Obviously there is a risk that by making one change in response to demands we will expose problems elsewhere so this will be a process of trial and review.

Dr Devall Joins Falkland Surgery

We are very please to be welcoming back Dr Alice Devall as a partner at Falkland Surgery.  She worked here as a locum for a year in 2013 and is now returning after maternity leave as a partner.  She is starting at the beginning of February 2015 and taking over the care of Dr Peppiatt’s list of patients.